Women’s Wallets: Which Wallet For Which Occasion?

Women Wallets

  Women all around the world use purses and wallets to keep their belongings safe. These belongings can be cash, cards, receipts, phones, keys and whatnot. Wallets are very important companions for every women. They are not just mere companions but also they symbolize the lifestyle, spending habits, fashion taste and wealth of the owner. That is why every woman should be very careful while choosing their wallets. Both shopping for wallets and choosing the suitable wallet for a specific occasion is important. 

Business dinner

   Women who work in business, especially the office workers, should go for minimalist wallets. Since office workers have a simple and professional way of dressing, the wallet should mimic this too. Minimalist wallets can come in many variations. There are metal wallets that look very futuristic and simple from the outside. They generally come in metallic colors such as gold and silver; but pastel or colorful types are there too. Many of them have a mechanism in them that keeps the cards very safe. And since they are made of rigid materials, they are quite protective. But due to the metal’s rigidity, they can’t be comfortably carried in a trouser pocket. For women who likes simple but classic looking wallets, leather wallets are always an option. Black, gray, brown colored lambskin or calfskin leathers both look minimalistic and also chic. Leather wallets can come on large and small sizes. They are generally not very compact. For the businesswomen who have to show their ID often, there are minimalist wallets with ID window, that way they won’t have to get their card out from the wallet every single time. Women who work in offices should go for basic colored wallets no matter what. White, black, gray, leathery browns are very suitable colors. 


Women who likes to live a sustainable life should have wallets that are made of sustainable materials too. Leather should be opted out, but faux leather isn’t very safe neither. Many big and cheap brands make their faux leather stuff from various plastic and non-biodegradable materials. There are some brands that make faux leather wallets from composts, fruit peels and seeds too but they are small in number and generally quite pricey. There are other materials which are both sustainable and cheap. Tyvek is one of them. Tyvek is an a hundred percent sustainable material which is made of polyethylene. Tyvek is very lightweight, waterproof and budget friendly. It is a sporty material, generally suitable for outdoorsy women, which likes a life in nature. 

  Women who have many classy occasions should carry chic wallets. Genuine leather is the way to go. Especially crocodile leather has a very rich aura and also is very eye catching. Dark green, burgundy and creme colored crocodile wallets are quite trendy nowadays. Women who want to look good without harming animals can go for high quality faux leather or cotton. Tweed wallets are generally made of cotton. They are both sustainable and chic. A tweed two-piece with a matching tweed wallet would look very good together. Generally during chic occasions, small purses are chosen. That’s why women should pick a smaller wallet for these occasions. Big wallets in small bags are a no-no. Cardholders are lifesavers for these occasions. 

Luxury Small Bags for Women

  These were the tips and tricks to choose the best wallet type for different occasions! Be sure to keep these in mind and pick the wallet that suits you the most. 


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