Men’s Wallets: Combining the Material and Color

Men's Wallets

    Wallets are great companions for the people all around the world. They help us carry our money, cards and various other belongings. Our wallet should both fulfill our needs and look stylish. The fashionability of a wallet mostly depends on the material and color combo it is suited with. 

   There are different colors and materials for different age groups, personalities and lifestyles of men. There are classic looking ones and also the ones that look modern and experimental. In the end of the day, you are going to choose the best combination for yourself. 

Brown Bifold Leather Wallet

  The trendy colors for this year are sage, teal, burned browns, petrol blue, burgundy and creme. Although these colors are the trendy ones, doesn’t mean that they go well with every material. And also there are classic colors like black which is always fashionable. 

  Black leather wallets for men are both classic and sophisticated. Black suede goes very well with flapped wallets. Glossy black leather also goes well with cardholders. Choosing a black wallet is a good option also for men who can wear limited colors due to their work’s limitations, such as office workers. Since black goes well with every other color, it is so much easier to match a black wallet with many outfits. 

  Sage and teal colors generally go well with nubuck and suede. These colors have soft undertones, thats why using them on matte-finished leather is a better match. Although they are very specific and seem hard to match with other colors, it is not true. Sage and teal can be combined with earthy tones, cream, dusky colors (especially pink) and etc. Especially teal goes very well with burned orange. 

  Burned and vivid brown goes very well with classic leather textures. They have a sophisticated look to them. Burned brown has a great potential to be used in tone-on-tone outfits.

  Petrol blue is a very “pretentious” color that can make you look assertive and confident. This color can be used with glossy leathers, plastics and tyvek. Especially a petrol blue plastic or tyvek wallet would look very sporty and youthful. Using petrol blue in classic outfits is not easy, it is a color that has a playful side.

Allen & Bradley Leather Burgundy Wallet

  Burgundy and creme are very classy colors that can go well with a large variety of materials. They would look good both on glossy and matte leather. A burgundy suede cardholder would have a very rich aura. A glossy creme flapped wallet would look both sophisticated and mature. These two colors also go well with each other.

  In the end of the day, matching colors are fun and is very subjective. Find your own favorite combination and start creating your own style!

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