Why You Should Have a Handmade Wallet?

handmade wallet

You do not only have a wallet as a practical accessory, you also have a symbol of your style and values. Deciding on using a handmade wallet not only upgrades your fashion perspective but also tells how you are thankful for human-made and natural things in life.  In this article, we will approach the convincing motives why you should switch to a handmade wallet over mass-produced ones. 

This is a world of  rush of modernity, and in such a world handmade pieces become much more valuable in regards to quality, timelessness, individuality, and authenticity. The handmade wallet is such a piece that represents these values. That is why we prepared this article. 

Why You Should Have a Handmade Wallet?

Handmade garments and items are getting popular each passing day. The reason for that is the many benefits you get with them. From the eco-friendly features to its lasting appearance, a handmade wallet is your best companion!

The Advantages of Handmade Garments

Before buying something, it’s important to know its pros and cons. This list helps us if buying it or paying it the amount we pay is worth it.  Here, we gathered the benefits of having handmade garments, wallets specifically.

Natural Materials

Nowadays, many companies and brands use low-quality materials to make clothes or garments. This helps them make more clothes in a shorter time and sell more. Now, this may be profitable for them, however, it’s extremely hazardous for the environment and your health. The main benefit of a handmade wallet is that it is made from natural materials. Contrary to fast fashion, handmade wallets, and garments in general, are made from natural materials like genuine, full-grain leather. Thanks to this, your body doesn’t get irritated by the material.

handmade leather wallet

Easy to Maintain

Contrary to common belief, handmade wallets are not that hard to maintain. So you can easily use handmade wallets for men or give them as gifts on special days!  To clean your handmade leather wallet, you can use a clean cloth and a soft brush. Wiping it slowly daily helps to keep it clean and away from wrinkles. 

Longevity and Durability

The best part of using a handmade wallet is the fact that you can use it for many years to come. Men’s wallet collections are classic looking and stylish at the same. So, if you like your wallet, you don’t have to change it after a while. The handmade leather wallets are known for their long-lasting materials. And even if they are scratched or have marks on them, it looks natural. Moreover, since the vintage look is now popular, it’s a win-win situation!

Versatile Styles

Sometimes you love a wallet but it doesn’t look good with other styles. And because of that, you can’t use it all the time. But, changing wallets is one of the most tedious jobs. So, it’s better to invest in a high-quality handmade leather wallet. You can use it with different styles from sporty looks to a classic dinner party with friends. And enjoy the compliments you are going to get everywhere you go.

Handmade Wallets for Men

Nobody likes a thick wallet in their back pocket or bag. To put it simply, it looks unorganized and unprofessional. A handmade leather wallet, on the other hand, makes you look putting together and ready to work! Among the many advantages of having handmade wallets for men, the eco-friendly part also draws attention. With wallets made from low-quality materials, you always have to buy a new one every 6 months. And this causes a lot of waste for the world. However, when you buy a handmade leather wallet, you can use it for up to 20 years with a little maintenance every once in a while. 

handmade wallet

Luxury wallet brands offer more than just handmade wallets; They offer a reputation for your lifestyle. Among these luxury wallet brands, Gucci, Prada and Hermes have an exceptional place. To explain to you more clearly what we mean about these special brands, we would like to introduce you to one of each of their wallet collections.



This men’s wallet from the Gucci brand, has 2 color combination options: blue-dark blue and grey-black.The Ophidia wallet has Double G detail on GG Supreme canvas. As you can see its design is totally retro-inspired. Inside the wallet there are 8 card slots and 1 bill compartment that is it has a large wallet capacity. 




This men’s wallet is called the small brushed leather wallet by Prada. This men’s wallet model, designed only in black color option, equipped with snap closure, printed Prada logo, four card slots, one bill compartment, two internal pockets and leather lining.




This wallet has 3 color options: Gris Meyer, Graphite, and Noir. It is one of the long wallet designs of Hermes and has five credit card slots and five pockets. It is made of Epsom calfskin in France. 

Special Gifts for the Gentlemen in Your Life

If you have trouble deciding what to buy as a gift for your significant other, or a family member and friend, do not worry. There are many good gift options and they are timeless as well! Handmade wallets for men are among these well-thought gifts. They are easy to use and durable too. On top of that, the receipient can save a lot of money by being given a leather wallet as a gift. Because they can use them for years and the wallets are still going to look cool and brand-new. 

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