Which Wallet For Who?

Which wallet for who

  Men all around the world use wallets to keep their money, cards and various other belongings safe besides them. Wallets come in many types and sizes, and they are an integral companion of all men and women. Since everyone is unique, their wallets should be different too. There is a suitable wallet for every type of man. 

 Men who work in business works, especially in offices; tend to wear simpler clothes, due to the professional rules on dress code. Since they wear plane clothes, their wallet should mimic that aspect too. A plain aluminum wallet would be a ver suitable choice. Aluminum wallets come in very different styles. But they are mostly in a rectangular shape. They generally work as card holders, which office workers would appreciate because these people tend to spend their money by cards and not cash. These wallets are rigid due to their material, and they can protect cards very well from both damage and thieves. Best aluminum wallet type for men office workers would be the plain silver-black ones. These types compliment every type of office outfit. Office workers can go for leather wallets too. Leather is a very sophisticated material that can be suitable for many people; older people, people which have higher socioeconomic place and etc. Leather wallets with plain colors such as classic brown, gray, black or creme would suit office workers very well. 

  Younger people can go for more experimental wallets. Instead of plain looks, they should look for fun and exuberant styles with different materials. Cotton, plastics and tyvek are some of these youthful materials. Tyvek is a sustainable, waterproof and lightweight material which is made of polyethylene. It would protect the belongings from water and other staining Both eco-friendly and outdoorsy people can go for a tyvek wallet. Tyvek is also a budget friendly material. 

Fantastic Designer Wallets for Men

 Men who work or study in artistic fields should refrain from plain looks and they should look for experimental wallets that express their artistic values. Both designer and budget friendly brands come up with wallets that have great patterns and designs on them. Wallets with a different shape or a pop of color would reflect the owner’s personality very well. 

Classic Wallet For Men

  Older men who wants to catch that mature look on their wallet should go for leather wallets. Calfskin and crocodile wallets have a very chic and mature look to them. The leather-color combo is also very important. Simple colors like browns, dark gray and black should be chosen instead of vivid colors. Men who likes cruelty free or vegan items can go for faux leather but they should be extra careful. Faux leather can look too fake and cheap if its made in poor quality factories. Some brands come up with faux leathers made from fruit peels and seeds, which looks better and also good for the environment. 

  These were the tips and tricks to find the best fitting wallet for various types of people. Don’t forget to consider these tips before buying your next wallet!

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