Parent to Child Wallets

Parent to Child Wallets

  Men, women and children all around the world use wallets to keep their money, cards, receipts safe. Wallets are very important companions for everyone. So why not make them a little more special by putting meanings to them?

   All parents love their children no matter what. They would want to carry something that reminds them of their children wherever they go. There is actually a way to please these loving parents. Special designed wallets that have the same design for the dad and son or his daughter! Sharing the same wallet with your children is a marvelous idea. That wallet would remind the dad or mom of his child in the times they can’t meet their child  at work, in a work travel or any occasion. 

Sketchy Wallets for Children

  Apart from the shared design concept, there are also wallets that the initials of someone’s name can be embroidered or printed on. A parent can embroider the initial of their son or daughter’s name on their wallet and remember them when they fall apart. This is quite a good idea for the parents who want to use a designer wallet without sharing the same wallet design with their children. These wallets can be more simplistic and luxurious looking, and also can serve the parent as a nice reminder of their child.  Some designer brands personalize specific wallets for dads and moms. Men usually go for simple and mature wallet design. Especially the dads that doesn’t like youthful wallet designs can go for these wallet types. 

  But if you don’t mind the youthful-childish wallet looks, sharing the same wallet design with your child is a nice idea. It can create a cute bond with the father and the child. 

  Brands should make parent to child wallets with different aspects. For convenience, child wallets should be smaller and without many card slots. They also can add a chip to the child’s wallet for the parent to watch out their child. This can be better for the child’s safety too. Parent wallets should be larger and should have more card slots and with a larger cash compartment. The designs can be a little different too. Child wallets can be done in a childish manner snd parent wallets can be made more mature. The common thing between the wallets can be the overall design and exterior patterns. 

  If you are a loving parent and want to share more thing with your children, paren-to-child wallets can be for you! 

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