Men’s Wallets: Picking a Designer Wallet

Designer Wallet for men

  Men all around the world use wallets to store their belongings such as money, cards, keys and maybe even their phones. A man should pick his wallet very carefully. A perfect wallet should compensate all the needs of him and also should be suitable with his outfits and his occasions.  Some men might think that every designer wallet is good, just because of their brand and price range. But its not the truth. Many designer wallets are made from non-expensive material, some of them are useless and brands can go away with these failure wallets just because they were established very long ago and they hold a high brand value. That is why men should be extra careful before choosing their very next designer wallet. 

Bottega Veneta Men’s Wallets

  First of all, the budget should be considered. Not every man can afford a designer wallet, especially from the brands like Bottega Veneta or Gucci. Just to be cooler or to be seen as wealthy, picking a designer wallet is not okay. It is true that a wallet can symbolize a man’s lifestyle, fashion sense, spending habits and maturity. But it doesn’t mean that you should go into debt just to buy an expensive wallet. If you have the budget, this article has some tips and tricks for you.

Basic Designer Wallet For Men

  If you are going to buy your first and only designer wallet, you should go for basic and plain styles. That wallet should go well with most of your outfits and occasions. In your next purchases of designer wallets and if your designer wallet collection gets bigger and bigger, you can look for more interesting and experimental wallets. But for the people who is going to buy their first designer wallet, we advise buying a plain one.

  Leather wallets are very popular amongst high end brands. Since it is a luxurious material, many high end brands use leather for their expensive bags and wallets. Calf and lambskin wallets look plainer then crocodile skin, they are less expensive too. Calf and lambskin generally have matte and basic look. They can come in many colors because they are easy to process. Crocodile skin has a very specific lobular look. It is generally glossy so wallets which have a crocodile skin exterior are more eye catching and maximal. Men who likes to have a wide wallet collection might like crocodile skin wallets. 

  For men who are into simple wallets, bifold wallets can be more suitable. Bifold wallets have two flaps that have card slots and a big cash compartment. Especially men who likes to spend from both cash and cards might like bifold wallets. Lambskin, calfskin and croc skin all suit bifold wallets due to its basic appearance. But for men who only spends from card might like cardholders better. Croc skin looks quite chic on cardholders. Black or creme crocodile skin might be both minimal and flashy at the same time. 

Dickless Slimfold Wallet with Chain

   Men who don’t like carrying wallets in their pockets might like wallets with a chain. Especially designer brands produce various chain wallets. Chain wallets can be carried by attaching to a bag or as a necklace. They are generally in a cardholder form. 

  These were our advices and tips for purchasing a new designer wallet. Please be careful about the things listed so you won’t regret it. Have a fun time shopping!

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