Leather is a fabric that was used by people as clothing and accessories long before the fashion industry emerged in our modern society. Due to the longevity and usefulness of leather, it has been used by people from many different cultures in almost every period in the world.

There are many types of leather and many types of products made from leather. But the most precious are handmade leather products. The value of handmade leather goods has led people to master the craft of leather processing. Companies that produce clothes and accessories (bags, wallets) from Genuine leather have become the leading companies in the sector as they produce completely customer-specific, customer-oriented products. While genuine leather products are already very valuable, these companies have achieved success by making the customers feel special with the products they produce. Thinking that the clothes you wear and the accessories you use are unique to you and that there is nothing else like it in the world will make you feel very special and unique and will create a bond between you and the product you use. In summary, you begin to see the product as a part of yourself. Customer-oriented genuine leather products create a bond between those who use these products and the people who design these products. In fact, this bond is the current version of the pre-modern bond.

High quality of genuine leather

Benefits of Genuine Leather

There are many benefits using genuine leather in your clothing and accessories. The first and perhaps the most important of these is that leather is a durable material. Companies that want to obtain high quality and durable leather are companies that attach great importance to the craft of leather processing. Although it may seem like a negative situation that quality and durable leather products are expensive, it is much more important that they are long-lasting and always useful.

You can use a genuine and well-crafted durable leather product for many years, so these products do not have expiration dates. At the same time, leather products have become a classic in clothing fashion. The only fabric that has not gone out of fashion for 10 years is leather. A leather jacket used 50 years ago still maintains its originality today. It would be more accurate to say that fashion keeps up with leather.

Features of all kind of leathers

Another feature of genuine leather products is that they have style and style. Leather products look much stronger and charismatic than products made from other materials. When you add original color or dyed leather to a part of any product that is not made of leather, for example, a sofa made of regular fabric, the style of the sofa will change completely and the sofa will become of higher quality. Products made of genuine leather always look higher quality than products made with other regular fabrics. For example, there are serious differences between a wallet made of plastic material and a wallet made of leather in terms of style, appearance and quality. Again, leather trousers look much more stylish than trousers made of cotton. Leather has become a symbol of quality, elegance and durability. At the same time, genuine leather products do not flake, peel or crack. Genuine leather products may have minor scratches and stains due to the processing of leather, but this indicates that the leather used in the product is of high quality, not a synthetic or manufactured, and that the product is handcrafted.

The difference between genuine leather and fake leather

The Features of Genuine Leather

Genuine leather has pores, the difference between a synthetic leather or plastic mixed product and genuine leather can be understood by paying attention to the pores on the leather. Again, the other difference between real leather and fake leather is that real leather has a natural and musty smell. In faux leather, this smell is closer to the smell of plastic. The presence of expressions such as Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, Genuine Leather etc. on the label of a genuine leather product indicates that the product was produced with genuine leather. There is a misconception that genuine leather does not burn. Just like human skin, genuine leather will burn when it comes into contact with fire. When you bend a genuine leather product, there will be slight color change and micro-breaks at the bent point. But these minor changes don’t happen with faux leathers. When you press a genuine leather wallet with your finger, you can see the wrinkles that bend towards your finger. Apply as much force as you want to a faux leather wallet and you won’t see these kinks. Metal buckles or zippers are generally not used for a genuine leather wallet for men. Because metal parts are likely to rust, and materials that will reduce quality are usually not included in a quality product made of genuine leather. If metal parts are to be used, rust-proof parts should be used.


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