Men’s Wallets: What Size to Buy?

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  Wallets are very important companions of men. Every man should choose their wallet carefully.  Men should be mindful about their age, lifestyle, spending habits, and job before buying the perfect wallet that will fulfill their needs. There are various wallet sizes for every type of man. 

Size of A Cardholder for men

  There are numerous types of compact wallets. Cardholders, flapped squares ones and etc. Compact wallets are suitable for men who don’t like to carry too much stuff with them. Since small wallets can be carried in a front or back pocket, a bag is not needed to carry them, which is a big relief for most men. 

   Cardholders can be classified as the most compact wallets. They are only a piece of rigid material (mostly leather or a cotton material) that have card slots on one or two sides. They don’t have neither a cash compartment nor a zippered one, hence men who likes spending money by cash over by card shouldn’t buy a cardholder. 

Serel’s flap wallet for men

 Flapped square wallets are very classic. They generally have a cash compartment, which is a relief for men who like spending cash. Tyvek wallets are very slim, light and waterproof. Hence, they have the spaciousness of a flapped wallet and also the slimness of a standard cardholder. Which means that they might be the best compact wallet for men who are into a sporty style. 

  Coin pouches are also another type of compact wallets. They are made of a loose material and a zipper or a shirring. They are generally popular amongst women but that doesn’t mean that men can’t use them. Since pouches doesn’t have rigid compartments, they can be used for carrying various types of stuff. 

  Although compact wallets have so many advantages, they might not be suitable for some men. Men who have so many debit and business cards, man who carry keys, receipts, coupons in their wallets and men who likes to carry a bag might like to carry larger and bulkier wallets. Zippered or flapped long wallets come in handy for these men. These wallets have way more space for stuff compared to compact wallets. More card slots, larger cash compartments, optionally coin compartments and so many more. Since the spaciousness brings along the bulkiness aspect, they can’t be carried in a pocket. A fanny pack, shoulder bag or such is needed. 

Wallet for Men Shopping Guide 2022

  List your needs and habits before buying a new wallet, that way you won’t regret your purchase. I hope this article helped you for that!

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