If It is Time to Have A New Wallet

If It is Time to Have A New Wallet

Being attached to our stuff actually applies to all of us. There is definitely a bag, an accessory or a suitcase that we have loved since the day we owned it. Even if they lose their function, we keep them in a corner. However, we know that it is not possible to keep everything that loses its function. Otherwise we will have an item hoarding problem.

For men, there is a desire to use their wallets forever. Because there is a possibility that they were gifted. Or even if they are not gifted, men give a moral value to their wallets just because they always carry them with them. However, this is not realistic. Because even if it is made of the highest quality material or leather, a wallet will one day deform and begin to lose its functions. In addition to aesthetic appearance problems, your wallet may even become unable to keep your valuables safe. All this reminds you that it’s time to consider buying a new wallet.

Because the life of our possessions is often shorter than ours.

So when do you think you should buy a new wallet?

If it is Bulky and Puffy, It Means…

To be honest, no one prefers a wallet that looks bulky and puffy in the pocket anymore. If you have such a wallet, you should replace it, even if it is still functional. Because this makes you look old fashioned, it is also a negative view especially in terms of your style image in business life. Sitting with a large and thick wallet in your pocket can even lead to posture problems. Especially when we think that men usually put their wallets in their back pockets, it is time to keep up with the modern fashion sense. A slim wallet for men, or a money clip wallet for men is among the most trendy men’s wallets.

An Old Bulky Wallet

Nobody Wants To Be Remembered As The Owner Of A Worn Out Wallet

Not only your ID card, but also your wallet shows and even proves who you are. It may be wiser to choose not to pay the bill rather than pull a wallet that has ripped seams, frayed leather, or even a few tears. Moreover, the appearance of your wallet is important not only for your reputation in business life, but also for your social environment. If you are late to buy a new wallet, you may find your wallet falling apart in your pocket and worse, lose your valuables, credit cards and cash.

If It No Longer Reflects You

Men use the wallets they had in their youth for many years. But the problem is this: when a man grows up and becomes an adult, he finds his personality and this often means that he will have different tastes than in his teenage years and would prefer a mature lifestyle. From this point of view, your perspective on your colorful wallet, which you bought at the age of 18, will change when you turn 28, and that wallet will no longer reflect you. When you accept this, it will be easier to go shopping to find the wallet that suits you.

Now we have a few options for you if you agree about buying a new wallet.

Serel’s genuine leather money clip wallet for men

Genuine Leather Money Clip Wallet

If you say it’s time to modernize yourself, this wallet is an invaluable modern wallet option. This wallet of Serel’s brand, produced from 100% genuine Simmental calf leather, is literally a handmade leather wallet for men. Your 6 credit cards can easily fit into its slots. The interesting and special aspect of this wallet is the money clip. This metal clip is holding your cash and very secure. It never lets your money fall. The brand pays attention not only to using quality leather, but also to prefer quality ones in other production materials. For this reason, yarns made of 100% French cotton were preferred in the production of this slim wallet for men. The yarns are 100% organic and recyclable. Stahl brand products are preferred for leather dyes. This brand is a world-renowned and sustainable brand that produces leather dyes since 1930. Make room in your pocket for a minimalist leather wallet that doesn’t cause a puffy look on your pants.

Serel’s credit card holder

Card and Cash Holder

Serel’s offers a combination of German-Italian designs to men who love to be stylish, with this leather card holder for men inspired by a zippo lighter. In terms of function, it is as functional as a bilfold wallet. Although this is a card holder as a type, you can carry your cash with you with this leather card holder for men as well as 6 credit cards. Its elegant look already tells you that it is made of 100% genuine leather. When you think of your old thick and large wallet, you will not even feel the presence of this minimalist slim leather wallet in your pocket or in your hand. Its German-Italian fusion design with snap closure ensures your credit cards and cash are safe.

Card and Cash Holder

Imagine you are going to an elegant invitation or an important meeting. You never want a puffy look on your suit or pants caused by the wallet. In addition, you do not need to carry a lot of valuables with you at such a meeting or invitation. Then this cash and credit card holder for men will be one of the good options. As a slim and 100% genuine leather wallet, it can complement your elegance and reflect your style and personality. The brand offers this minimalist leather wallet for men with different color options. You can experience the aesthetic satisfaction of owning an accessory of German-Italian design.

Bifold Leather Wallet

This bifold leather wallet for men by Serel’s brand is ideal for those who are not too fond of ultra-slim wallets and are looking for a compact leather wallet. It is safe because it folds in half. It can carry 6 credit cards and cash. With its modern and slim design, it is functional as well as stylish. Thanks to the fact that it is produced from 100% Simmental calf leather, you can use it for many years and collect new memories with this wallet. Its usability for many years is only due to the quality of the leather used. Its minimalist design also makes it an all-time wallet.

Leather Flat Wallet

This modern and compact wallet does not fold and is designed in an open concept. However, it has the capacity to carry cash and 6 credit cards, just like the other trend, slim wallets for men. This 100% genuine leather wallet is completely a handmade leather wallet for men and produced using traditional handmade manufacturing techniques. With this leather wallet for men, you can complete your elegance by having a classy and sophisticated style that is far from boring. As with all other leather wallets and card holders of the Serel’s brand, you can experience luxury with this wallet.

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  1. It’s time to buy a new wallet and since I’m an indecisive person about everything, it will be very challenging for me to buy a new wallet.

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