Women’s Wallets: A Shopping Guide

Women's Wallets

  Women all over the world care about their looks. They express themselves by their outfits, make up, hairstyle and accessories. A woman’s bag and wallet are integral items of her outfit. Especially wallet is a very functional and important item a woman should always carry by her side. A wallet should accommodate everything a woman needs. Maybe cash, maybe cards, keys and such. In this article, the most important tips and tricks are going to be listed for buying the trendiest and the best fitting wallet for a woman. 

Color Trends for Women 2022

  First of all, a correct wallet should be fashionable. The color-way is very important. 2022’s trendiest colors are: sage, teal, burgundy, burnt browns, creme and petrol blue. Implementing these colors with correct materials are integral for a trendy wallet. Sage goes well with matte-leathers and cotton materials. Teal goes well with glossy leathers, plastics and tyvek (tyvek is a sustainable, light and waterproof material that is made of polyethylene). Burgundy is a very classy color that goes well with all leathers.  Burnt browns are also very classy, they go very well with matte-leather and cotton materials. For a sophisticated look, leathers like nubuck or suede can be chosen. But if you want to have a both classy and sporty look, cottony materials go well with browns. Creme is a very muted and simple color, that goes well with glossy leathers. Finally, petrol blue  is a very vibrant and youthful color, that goes well with sporty materials such as cotton and tyvek. 

Vegan Wallets for Women

For women who don’t like using animal products can go with vegan options instead of genuine leather.  Faux leather is a very tricky material. Cheap faux leather can look and feel very fake and awful, that’s why a high quality faux leather should be chosen from specific brands. Cotton, tyvek and plastic materials are also vegan and generally sustainable. 

  Secondly, a wallet should accommodate the needs of the owner. Every woman have different budgets, lifestyles, spending habits and carriers. That’s why they have different needs. 

Flapped Wallet for Women

Women who likes spending money by cash, should use flapped or zippered wallets. Cardholders are not for them. Especially the women who use cards, cash and coins, should look for long and zippered wallets, otherwise smaller wallets won’t be sufficient for them. The downside of large wallets is that they are too bulky and they don’t fit in pockets, neither small purses. Women should also consider that. 

  For women who mainly use cards, big wallets might be a nonsensical choice. Smaller and slimmer wallets are much more compatible for these people. Slim wallets for women can be flapped, zippered or may be in a cardholder form. Flapped models are better for women who use both cash and cards in their daily life. Zippered wallets can be better for women who also use coins and for the women who want an extra security, since zipper can prevent items from falling and protect your money from pickpockets. Cardholders are special wallets that are made from a rigid, generally rectangular material. They have several card slots on one or both sides. They are only suitable for women who exclusively use cards, since they have no cash or coin compartment, they are useless for a lot of people. 

  Although slim wallets have less space in them, they have upsides too. Since they are slim, they are way more portable than large wallets, especially the cardholders which are the smallest of them all. They are a better fit for women who doesn’t like carrying large bags. They can even fit into pockets in an emergency situation so that the user’s hands can be free. 

  These were the tips and trick for buying the best fitting wallet. We hope this article was helpful! 

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