Men’s Wallets: Classic Ones or Unique Ones?

Classic Wallets or Unique Wallets

  Men all around the world care about their looks and try to express themselves by their clothes, accessories and hairstyles. Especially accessories are the perfect items to put details on your look, to integrate the look and be more stylish. Wallets are great for men for expressing their fashion sense. Wallets also symbolize a man’s wealth, maturity, spending habits and lifestyle. Thats’s why men should put extra effort choosing a good wallet that suits their overall character. There are many types and styles of wallets.

Snap Closure Wallet for Men

First of all, you should choose whether you are into classic or modern looks. Classic wallets are more suitable for mature, earnest men who works in business related jobs. Since they have a limited clothing choice while working, a simple and classic wallet might integrate in their life better. Mature and older men overall, also are more into classic and simple looks. Devoid from vivid colors, a basic leather flapped wallet might be a better fit for them. Classic wallets are more likely to be genuine leather. Browns, grays and black might be the best suited colors for that type of wallet. There might be a couple different classic wallets. Flapped and cardholder types are the most popular amongst men. Cardholders might be better for men who use cards mostly, and flapped wallets might be better for men who like spending cash.

Handmade Leather Wallet for Men

  But if you like having accessories that look unique and experimental, classic looking wallets might be too boring for you. Nowadays, different brands come up with unique, flashy, experimental and sustainable wallets from every price points. The world of unique wallets are much bigger than the classic ones. Trifold wallets are one of those unique looking ones. They also have flaps, but they are different than the conventional flapped wallets by having three flaps instead of two. They have much more storage for cards and cash, which makes them more user friendly for men who have so many cards. You can have a more classic-looking wallet by choosing a leather trifold, but to be more sporty and sustainable, you can go for tyvek ones. Tyvek is a relatively new, light, waterproof and a sustainable material, made of polyethylene. It is a cheaper material compared to genuine leather so it is both sustainable and budget friendly. 

How Magic Wallets for Men Work

There are also magic wallets that both look and work different than the other wallets. These wallets have elastic bands to hold cash, cards and other stuff,  instead is compartments and slots. You can utilize the elastic bands however you want, and put different things in your wallet without the limitations of slots. Genuine and faux leather versions of magic wallets are quite popular on the internet. But if you want to have a sportier look, you can go for plastic or metal ones. 

  There are also very modern looking cardholders which are made of various metals. They aren’t made of any fabric, that’s why they are completely rigid and protective. Some of these cardholders have sliders to get your cards out, and some of them have a clip that securely closes the wallet. These are better for office workers due to their practicality and simplicity. 

  These were some tips for men to choose the best classic or unique wallet thats suits them the best. We hope this article was helpful!

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