Does a wallet cause back pain?

back pain

Is your wallet actually your friend or your foe? It actually depends on how you use your wallet and where you carry it. Yes, we know for sure that wallets are important inventions for carrying our cash, loyalty cards and credit cards. But we forget about our health while carrying our wallet. 

If you want to enhance your overall health, especially that of your back and spine, try to break this habit of carrying your wallet in your back as soon as possible. Because you can’t even imagine the damage your wallet can cause to your physical health. Your wallet can not only cause you back pain, but also can be reason of many injuries and damages you can experience in your body.

You sit on your folded wallet for hours, but it actually creates the same imbalance you can have while walking without one shoe on your foot. Just imagine how it may look like to walk without one shoe, isn’t it very absurd? It’s also absurd to sit on your wallet and very dangerous for your health.

But how it cause a pain? Just a wallet, right? We can think that it’s impossible for a wallet to cause a back pain? But it’s actually quite the opposite. Because if you sit on your wallet, your body loses its symmetry or alignment to both your hips which triggers a pressure on your piriformis muscle. Because of that imbalance that your wallet creates, you experience a severe back pain at the end. You also probably suffer from a lot of physical stress on your lower spine (nerves, muscles, ligaments, discs). And it eventually harms your sciatic nerve which can even cause you a dysfunction and numbness in addition to searing lower back pain. You may even suffer from sciatica at the end if it left untreated and if you keep sitting on your wallet.

Harms of Carrying wallet in back pocket for spine

What is the solution for that problem?

The solution is of course to make sure that your wallet is not in any of your pockets (not only back pocket) while you are in a seated position. 

Also, getting used to using minimalist wallets as opposed to big and cumbersome wallets can be your supporter and not your foe, your friend.

You can also take into consideration of starting to use conventional money clips if you think you have suffered enough from wallets. And also, we can keep in mind that we don’t actually need any cash or credit cards, briefly wallets with us anymore thanks to technology. Because we already have the availability of numerous payment options. So, maybe it can also be helpful for you to think about using wallets again.

Sitting on Wallet in Back Pocket

Now that you know the fact that your wallet can actually be your foe, those are the options above you can choose that can help you not to suffer from any back pain and experience any injury in your health.

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