Different Men, Different Wallets

different men different wallet

  From the beginning of time, wallets were really important for people. Men and women, used wallets to keep their money safe. Time evolved and new ways to spend money started to come up. Cards, applications and many other ways are now help us buy new things. We still need a good wallet for compensating our need to keep our belongings safe, such as our cash, cards, receipts and maybe even our phone and keys! Everyone has their own way of using wallets. Some like compact wallets, some like the large ones. Some like simple colors, some like the ones with eye catching vivid colors. Since everyone’s needs and likes are unique, different wallets are recommended for different people.

Crocodile Skin Wallet

  Men who want to look more mature should go for leather goods. Leather is a very sophisticated material and it comes in many styles and colors. Crocodile skin looks very out-there and rich. Lamb and calfskin have plainer looks which is more casual. To capture a mature look, plain and darker colors should be chosen, like dark brown, gray or black. A gray crocodile leather wallet would both look a little sporty and mature. It can be recommended for younger people. Brown, especially dark brown is more like an elderly color. 


Making secure wallet

  Men who want to be extra careful with their belongings should go for security wallets. Men’s security wallets have many types. Some of them protect cards and money from pickpockets, with locking flaps or zippers. Inside of them is hard to reach for strangers. Some of the security wallets protect the credit cards from getting their information stolen. These wallets have a special coding in their material that creates a cyber shield to protect your credit card info from cyber thieves.

  Men who want to carry their wallet in their pocket should opt out the large wallets. Especially cardholders are so much better for them. Cardholders are a type of wallet made from a generally rectangular rigid material that has card slots on one or two sides. It is not suitable for the people who spends cash though. Cash-spenders should go for compact bifold wallets. 

Compact Wallet Brands

  Men who likes to be one with the nature should go for waterproof wallets. There are a couple materials suitable for them. One of them is tyvek. Tyvek is a sustainable, waterproof and lightweight material which is made of polyethylene. Since it is sustainable and vegan, it can be used by so many people. It has a sporty look, not like leather, so it wouldn’t fit well with classy occasions. But it is the best wallet possible to go nature traveling, camping and etc. Its slenderness and lightness make it so compact and portable. 

  These were the some tips and trick from us, for the people who try to find the best fitting wallet for themselves. If you relate to one of the personalities above, this article must be helpful for you. You won’t regret tour purchase if you consider these tips. Have a fun time shopping!

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