Serel’s money clip wallets for men are designed to keep your cash safe together with your other valuables. This wallet is made of 100% genuine leather and its money clip is metal. Leather dyes that are used in the production of this money clip wallet are Stahl’s leather dyes that are produced with sustainable and eco-friendly production techniques. Threads that were made of 100% organic and recyclable French cotton are preferred for the stitching of the money clip wallet. This Serel’s wallet is completely handmade for you to be special and unique. Serel’s money clip wallet differs from other ordinary wallets, with its many features. 

Serel’s money clip wallet for men
  • Material

Serel’s money clip wallets for men are produced from genuine Simmental calf leather. This type of leather is one of the most preferred and high-quality leathers in the world. Serel’s carefully selects all the materials that are used in the production of its wallets and applies quality tests to these materials to ensure that they are of sufficient high quality.

  • Comfort

Serel’s money clip wallets for men do not make you feel uncomfortable when they are in your pocket as they are slim and minimalist. While standing or sitting, you will not feel the presence of your money clip wallet in your pocket. It fits perfectly in any trouser pocket without being bulky. It is the type of wallet most preferred by those who want to have a slim, minimal and modern wallet that can be carried in the front pocket. Front pockets are deeper compared to back pockets. This feature makes the front pockets safer for carrying wallets. Because it is very difficult to reach for pickpockets.

  • Using Speed

No other wallet saves you as much time as a money clip wallet. When you have this money clip wallet, you will be able to make your payments much faster at the restaurant or market. Because it takes time to find your money or credit card in a standard wallet. Also, the money clip carries not only your cash but also bills. Thus, when you need one of these bills, you can easily see the bill you are looking for and get it easily. 

Features of Serel’s money clip wallet for men
  • Design

A joint product of German and Italian styles, this money clip wallet has a minimalist design. It can carry 6 credit cards and cash and has a well-organized interior. This practical wallet with its credit card, ID, cash and debit card storage compartments, this wallet is a true classic that will never go out of style and fashion. While designing money clip wallets for you, Serel’s wanted to create a design that would not ruin your style. Modern men’s fit clothing and bulky wallets cannot match. Because in this style of clothing, a bulky wallet spoils the look of your pants. The designs of Serel’s money clip wallets are the complement and indispensable accessory of the contemporary clothing style.

  • Rfid Blocking 

Serel’s money clip wallets for men are equipped with Rfid blocking technology. The widespread use of RFID readers and contactless shopping has provided great convenience. But on the other hand, the data of our credit cards and identities has also become vulnerable. Our financial and identity data has become stealable for digital data thieves. Serel’s money clip wallets have the necessary RFID blocking technology that protects your credit cards and identity data from thieves.

  • Simplicity and Sleek

You can experience the comfort of simplicity with a money clip wallet. Having simple items in the chaos of the modern world makes our life easier and helps us speed up. That’s why the number of men who want to have this simple elegance is increasing day by day and simplicity is becoming the new trend. Large wallets don’t make your life easier anymore, they make it more complicated.

Serel’s bifold wallet for men

Serel’s Wallets

Serel’s other wallets are as elegant, modern and high quality as money clip wallets.

Passport Wallet

Serel’s passport wallet does the work of more than one item on its own. It carries your credit cards and cash like a wallet. Besides, there is a special passport compartment. You can keep your passport, boarding passes and other travel documents in this wallet. As we all know, it is no longer possible to travel without our vaccination card. Serel’s took this into account while designing the passport wallet and enabled you to carry your vaccination card in this wallet. Keeping all these documents and valuables in one place saves you time in the rush of travel, you can easily find what you are looking for in it, you do not have to worry about losing your valuables, it offers ease of use thanks to its well-organized interior design. Knowing that you have your passport wallet with you will mean that you have everything necessary with you.

Card and Cash Holder

Capable of carrying 6 credit cards and cash, the versatile Serel’s card and cash holder is both a holder and a wallet that fits perfectly in your pocket. You don’t need to carry this holder in your backpack or briefcase as it offers the comfort of being carried in your front pocket, you can easily reach it in your front pocket. Thanks to its slim and minimal design, it allows you to carry only what you need with you.

Envelope Business Card Holder

Your business card is your best trading tool. For this reason, it is not a very comfortable and useful method to stuff it into your wallet, which does not have enough compartment for it. Serel’s designed this envelope-shaped business card holder that can hold 50 business cards so that you can make an impact in your business life as important as your business card. You can easily take out your business card from this stylish, modern and high-quality business card holder. Because no one wants to give a potential customer a deformed business card.

Business Card and Cash Holder

This leather business card and cash holder designed by Serel’s is a product that offers 3 functions in one and is both a holder and a wallet. Because you can carry 20 business cards, cash and 6 credit cards in this holder. Its stylish, snap fastener, slim and minimal design keeps your valuables safe. With this holder, you can experience the comfort of carrying your credit cards, cash and business cards together in your front pocket.

Credit Card and Cash Holder

Inspired by the Zippo lighter, this credit card and cash holder provides ease of use and carrying thanks to its slim design. It has enough space to carry your 6 credit cards and cash. Compared to regular wallets, it is much more stylish and classy, and completes your modern look. It is perfect for use in daily routine as it is compact and practical.

Bifold Wallet

The choice of those who cannot give up on classic elegance is a bifold wallet. The difference of Serel’s bifold leather wallet from its counterparts is that it is modern. Because it is a slim wallet designed in a minimal style. In this way, you can carry this bifold wallet with 6 credit card slots and a cash compartment in your front pocket. Since it has a well-organized interior design, it does not allow you to stuff unnecessary things into it.

Magic Wallet

Serel’s magic wallet is easy and enjoyable to use. When you place your cash on one side of this wallet and turn it over after closing it, your cash is magically stored. Magic wallet lightens your pocket, you don’t feel its presence. It keeps your credit cards safe with its design and RFID blocking feature. This wallet made of Genuine leather gives you a sense of luxury with its perfect and classy look.

Flat Wallet

This ultra-minimal slim flat wallet is designed to carry 6 credit cards and cash. It occupies much less space when compared with the other slim wallets. Fully handmade by master craftsmen, this minimalist wallet features Rfid blocking technology, preventing thieves from stealing your credit cards and identity data.


  1. I think the money clip wallet of Serel’s brand has a very successful and stylish design. I bought one and I love using it.

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