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  • Men’s Wallet from Past to Present

    history of wallet

    The wallet, which is frequently used today, dates back to very ancient times. In ancient times, coins were used as currency. With the development of the states, the use of coins has also increased. In ancient times, money purses were used to prevent the loss of coins. The money purses in question formed the first […]

  • Why Do Men Use Wallets?

    Why Men Use Wallets

    The wallet that is in every man’s pocket today; It allows to carry many materials such as paper money, credit cards, identity cards. Most of the men’s wallet models are made of leather. Wallet is very important in daily life. As a matter of fact, since our personal belongings are in the wallet, the loss […]

  • The Best One is In The Gift Box

    Gift Box

    Of course, gift giving is a joyful, fun and happy action. Because finding the right and meaningful gift feels like solving a puzzle. When you find that gift, the gift itself makes you feel like you’ve won a prize. More importantly, the gift alone shows the importance you give to the person who will receive […]

  • Why The Color Of Black is The Most Preferred and Timeless Color in A Wallet For Men?

    Black Wallet

    There are many ways to show your man your love. But undoubtedly a black leather wallet for men is the best naturally. Because, when you think about a man’s accessory, definitely a wallet is the first thing that comes to mind. And the wallet that you imagine when we say a wallet for men is […]



    Prada’s nearly over 100 year history, which began in Milan in the early 1900s and extended throughout Europe, was resurrected by a woman’s hand. Mario Prada, the brand’s founder, could never have imagined his fashion firm, which he began selling leather bags in 1913, would be so successful. At the very least, under their own […]



    Louis Vuitton Is A Designer Of Unique And Luxurious Travel Let’s go back to 1854 years. Louis Vuitton, like many young men of his period, moves from Anchay, where he was born, to Paris and starts on the journey of a lifetime. Louis Vuitton began his career as an apprentice to the box manufacturing master, […]

  • HERMÉS WALLETS: A Lover of Luxury


    Hermès is a French high fashion house that was established in 1837. The brand offers a wide range of products, including clothing, leather goods, home furnishings, jewelry, and more. Hermès is perhaps most well-known for its iconic handbags, such as the Birkin and Kelly bags. Hermès wallets are made from high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The […]

  • Gucci Wallet For Men

    Gucci Wallet For Men

    The famous Gucci brand, which is a manufacturer of different leather wallets and bags, is a world brand that is known and preferred by everyone. The Italian brand Gucci has taken its place among the most luxurious brands.Gucci, which has been producing for many years with the quality and stylish products it produces, has recently […]

  • Which Wallet For Who?

    Which wallet for who

      Men all around the world use wallets to keep their money, cards and various other belongings safe besides them. Wallets come in many types and sizes, and they are an integral companion of all men and women. Since everyone is unique, their wallets should be different too. There is a suitable wallet for every type […]

  • Parent to Child Wallets

    Parent to Child Wallets

      Men, women and children all around the world use wallets to keep their money, cards, receipts safe. Wallets are very important companions for everyone. So why not make them a little more special by putting meanings to them?    All parents love their children no matter what. They would want to carry something that reminds them […]