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  • Slim wallets for men

    Slim wallets for men

    Wallets, which are used as a means of carrying money and identity needed in every society, are designed in different ways for men and women. In the past, paper money, coins, business cards, sometimes bills and even blank paper were carried in their wallets to write notes. Now, since paper money and coins are replaced […]

  • Different Men, Different Wallets

    different men different wallet

      From the beginning of time, wallets were really important for people. Men and women, used wallets to keep their money safe. Time evolved and new ways to spend money started to come up. Cards, applications and many other ways are now help us buy new things. We still need a good wallet for compensating our […]

  • Men’s Wallets: What Type to Choose?

    Wallet Types

    Men all around the globe, use various wallets to carry and keep safe their belongings such as cash, coins, cards and maybe even their phones. Wallets have an integral part in men’s life, they are very important companions. But since every man is different, not every wallet can be a good companion for every man. […]

  • Men’s Wallets: Combining the Material and Color

    Men's Wallets

        Wallets are great companions for the people all around the world. They help us carry our money, cards and various other belongings. Our wallet should both fulfill our needs and look stylish. The fashionability of a wallet mostly depends on the material and color combo it is suited with.     There are different colors and materials […]

  • Women’s Wallets: Which Wallet For Which Occasion?

    Women Wallets

      Women all around the world use purses and wallets to keep their belongings safe. These belongings can be cash, cards, receipts, phones, keys and whatnot. Wallets are very important companions for every women. They are not just mere companions but also they symbolize the lifestyle, spending habits, fashion taste and wealth of the owner. That […]

  • Men’s Wallets: Picking a Designer Wallet

    Designer Wallet for men

      Men all around the world use wallets to store their belongings such as money, cards, keys and maybe even their phones. A man should pick his wallet very carefully. A perfect wallet should compensate all the needs of him and also should be suitable with his outfits and his occasions.  Some men might think that […]

  • Leather Gift Guide for Men 2022

    Leather Gift Guide For Men

    Is your man’s birthday coming up and you’re stuck on what to get him? If he’s the kind of guy who loves being outdoors or is always working on some project around the house, then a functional gift like a leatherman multi-tool or a Swiss army knife would be perfect for him. Here are some […]

  • Men’s Wallets: What Size to Buy?

    wallet size

      Wallets are very important companions of men. Every man should choose their wallet carefully.  Men should be mindful about their age, lifestyle, spending habits, and job before buying the perfect wallet that will fulfill their needs. There are various wallet sizes for every type of man.    There are numerous types of compact wallets. Cardholders, flapped […]

  • Advantages of Small Wallets for Men

    Small Wallet For Men

     Wallets are very important items every man should carry by himself. There are various types of wallets suitable for different types of men.  In this article, we will talk about the advantages of a compact wallets, and also the musts of a front pocket wallet.    First of all, compact wallets come in many types […]

  • Women’s Wallets: A Shopping Guide

    Women's Wallets

      Women all over the world care about their looks. They express themselves by their outfits, make up, hairstyle and accessories. A woman’s bag and wallet are integral items of her outfit. Especially wallet is a very functional and important item a woman should always carry by her side. A wallet should accommodate everything a […]